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Points of view, 2019 — by ADOR

As we entered the new year I couldn’t ignore the fact that we are already 20% into this current decade and it all feels very daunting. I mean 2020 was in-of-itself of hell of a year! Easily the most historic in my lifetime thus far — and 2021 felt like 2020’s doppelganger. So when I think of 2022 it’s not surprising that the perspective is daunting and rather uninsipred.

I recall having a very candid conversation on the perils and powers of persepctive. The idea of one’s point of view needs no opulence in defining — opinions, after-all, are what make being human so colourful. The candid conversation I’m referring to, fabricated feelings of relief within me for it was via that short but sweet engagement that my point of view (perspective) was changed about the year ahead.

The bottom line of this candid conversation was persepctive

I am ever in awe at how various persons are influenced by various views. We are all influenced (knowingly or unknowingly) by views whether they are inherited, educated or internal.

“6Views” — taken by Mike Misaki, circa July 2020

Inherited View

This can be defined as the views that we found in existence. We as subjects of nature (the world) are susceptible to our surroundings (environment). Therefore the inheritance of a view is not merely locked into the family relationship. Views can be inherited based on geography, religion, culture and ethnicity. These views are predetermined views, one’s that you are born into, one’s you find.

Educated View

This can be defined as the views we adopt based on the knowledge and understanding we acquire through our experiences. These views can be from academic discourse (school), private discourse (social circles) and public discourse (media). This view is important due to its ability to change. Of all the views, this view is the most susceptible to change. Based on our influences, we can learn, unlearn or relearn a variety of things.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”. — Alvin Toffler

Brain Face, 2017 — by Sarah Greenberger Rafferty

The human brain is a marvel and we must not belittle that. The amount of things that have had to be learnt, unlearnt, relearnt over the past two years has been a fascinating experience. For exmaple, the ability to learn how to work from home and unlearn the norms of the office space as we transitioned to a remote world. Or the ability to decolonize one’s mind — the human brain facilitates all the above with precision.

Internal View

This can be defined as the views that we simply feel, the one’s we cannot truly grasp their origins but we wholehearteldy feel there presence. These are my favourite views, again likely inspired by the above mentioned one’s. Many ways to express this view have been dished out, our-inner child, our inner voice, our soul, God’s voice , the ancestors — etc.

The internal view, is enticing in all ways. The most unique to the individual, hence its importance. These views can come about in dreams, or through one’s interpretation of an experience. For example, you and a friend watch a movie together but have different views. This is because an internal view is your point of view, a perspective that originates from you but can be influenced by a variety of external things.

Brain Inflation, 2019 — by Ai Weiwei

Having an inherited view that celebrates your ethnicity, geography (state) and culture is vital! We can see the impacts that generational trauma’s can have on individuals mental health, who inherit dark pasts.

Having an educated view that investigates the truth, resolves unsolved matters and research development that positively benefits those impacted. We see the limitations placed on those without education, or as important, poor education.

Having an internal view that are based on positive and loving ideas. This experience is heavily determined by external factors such as the other views as well as one’s own personal interpretations of his, her or their experience.

Ellen Bass performing the Big Picture

My View

From my experience, it is more important to listen than it is to speak. As the Jean de La Bruyere quote states, listening is majority of conversation. By consuming one’s experience we gain perspective into how and why they are. From there we can begin to communicate from a point of understanding, bringing out the cleverness of others. This cannot occur without listening. To recognize love in spite of criticism, you have to understand that everyone’s perspective — including your own — is limited and subjective.

It is your difference that is your superpower.

On a personal note, I have been blessed to inherit views embedded in the life of Christ, courtesy of my mother. I am also lucky to have inherited cultures that are rich in history, customs and traditions. These views in turn have influenced my own personal views. As a Christian, I am very quick to shun my own abilities and understanding, as I undertsand they are limited. That being said, my internal view is heavily influenced by belief in Jesus Christ.

Then, Jesus looked at Peter, and said, “Get away from me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.” (Matthew 16:23 NLT)



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