On Motion

Michael Misaki Ogoso
5 min readFeb 24, 2022


“everything is in motion” — Gallelio

Galileo Galilei, 1624 Engraving by Ottavio Leoni

At times we face trails and tribulaitons that slot us into stagnation, life hits so hard we fall! At times we also face times of still, pause and can get stuck in that frame. The point here is not on how to avoid such moments for they are inevitable, but rather on how to access these moments and eventually move on from these moments. The notion of motion and being ever on the move can at times be presented in an erratic style, however there is an art in motion. In being able to understand that life is about moments, taking each, embracing each and eventually moving on from each, having gained wins and/or lessons.

Ogolo in Motion by Ben Enwonwu

“Don’t fight the problem, decide it!” — George Marshall

Human nature tasks us to inherently problem solve, our collective progress as a species has boiled down to decisive problem solving. I believe a lot of human purpose seeking comes from trying to attach ourselves, our legacies to a specific problem and in turn solving that problem. Be it a cause, an invention, an ideology, a cure, even a religion, all these seek to solve problems. Answering this (what problem will I solve?) can be a profuse proposal, but this is just the tip of the ice-berg of living, this discovery process must not be overlooked however.

Once one has established the problem for which they will seek a solution, passion and purpose marinate!

Its easy to simply stand by life-sidelines and spectate. I think of social media keyboard warriors as a great example of stagnant individuals. To simply fight a problem is not progress nor smart.

I lean on George Marshall’s quote placing an emphasis on deciding the problem, I understand him to mean that firstly, it is more worthwhile to decide a problem than fight one. Consequently, the second act will follow suit, that being problem solving.

Human nature can play at our advantage here, we are naturally inclined to progress and problem solve.

Nike “Just Do It” Campaign ft Odell Beckham

“JUST DO IT” — Nike

Nike’s motto must be one of the greatest of all time! The fact that it is a sports brand definitely adds to the glory. The idea of motion can be nicely associated with physical movement, more-so in sports. I recall how on the soccer pitch, momentum was key! High paced or low paced depeneding on the score. Most teams in a winning position took a more relaxed posture, low paced football trying to kill the play, and an attempted build ups by the opposition. Most teams in a losing position would move with a high pace, attempting to make every minute count. In both cases the teams remained in motion, whether a high level of momentum or a low level of momentum depending on their position.

The same can be slightly applied to life, whatever tasks, challenges and experiences we may go through we must always maintain motion, our level of momentum will be determined by our approach to our circumstance. When things are going great, one may be inclined to have a high level of momentum, they may be inspired and excited. This in turn can yield positive conditions, such as positivity, execution and peace. When things are not going great, one may be inclined to have zero levels of momentum, they may be demotivated, fearful and uninspired. This in turn can yield negative conditions, such as negativity, stagnation and depression.

This exact example is not a one-size fits all, to each their own.

The football example however, is great, as it showcases the importance in maintaining any level of momentum (low or high) in order to stay in motion. The example I must admit is easy, as in sports rules and regulations require motion to maintain continuity. But whose to say one cannot apply rules and regulation in his, her and/their lives in order to maintain motion?

The days will vary, the sun will shine, the rain will fall, the snow will drop and the leaves will grow. The days will come and the days will go, regardless of what anyone on Earth did or did not do. Therefore it is only logical to do what you set out to, for tomorrow will come, so, JUST DO IT!

Motion in Sound by Ralph Eugene Meatyard

“for seeing life is about motion of limbs”- Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes was one to something here, I think he meant this very much so in its literal sense. However, the undertones are strikingly similar to the notion of motion being presented here. Of course to physically see one’s environment and therefore experience life, he, her and/they must get up and get out! As Hobbes is insinuating. Expanding on Hobbes is implication, I do believe that this can also be used in reference to the motion of moments in one’s life.

KEEP WALKING — Johnnie Walker

Tom Browne was the illustrator who sketched the now world famous “Striding Man”, he may have agreed with the above. Johnnie Walker’s “Keep Walking!” embraces this idea of moving forward regardless.

Johnnie Walker presents THE ONES WHO KEEP WALKING

A more relatable example (I’m a Pisces!) would be from the Pixar classic, Finding Nemo! Dora’s motto is one we can all learn from. I’m a huge film fanatic, another term for the word is motion picture. I say if life is a movie, stay in motion!


I recently watched an interesting short video of a University lecturer asking his class the weight of a glass of water as he held it stretched out in his hand. The class gave the typical University response, full, over-thought and with sprinkles of an exhibitionist. The lecturer answered simply, the weight of the glass of water is dependent on how long I hold on to the glass. After 30 seconds the weight may seem light, after an hour it may seem heavy, because your hand has worn out! He placed the glass down as his class looked at him in awe, and he explained how the glass represents life’s problems, the longer you hold on the heavier they will appear.

Stay in motion, to hold on to each moment is to rob yourself of the next, and if one moment is too heavy, there is a great saying in faith;

let go and let God.



Michael Misaki Ogoso

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